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Las Vegas Paver Guys is an experienced hardscape and paving company that takes care of all of the Las Vegas area. We are well known for driveway paving in Las Vegas, as well as patio paving services. Calling us for your pavers project means that you will get a dedicated and reliable team to help you out with a new pavers installation.

Making sure that you didn’t choose a cheap, low quality paving business is super important. A majority of the time, these projects are huge and picking the first result on your list just because it is there, isnt typically the best route to take. Go with someone you know can actually pave and hardscape your home or business well; the best paver installation company in Las Vegas would be us! We’re different because we actually care what our paving and hardscaping job looks like, we want to make sure it’s done right, and we want you to know why we can call ourselves the number one paving and driveway installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Las Vegas Nevada affordable Patio Paving

Driveway Paver Installation Services

Sick and tired of looking at your lame, outdated, average driveway paving in Las Vegas, NV? Our 5-star paving and hardscaping business has an easy fix. Our skilled and tested driveway paver installation service can help both me and you? Great deal, eh? We don’t want you cashing out your whole paycheck and dipping into your retirement fund for this, okay? Our top-notch paving and hardscaping company in Las Vegas will make sure that the whole ordeal will be as cheap as we can.

Being the best driveway pavers installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada means we don’t slip a five to some underground material shop and charge you thousands. We only use the best materials and we only offer you the best service.  Here’s what we can give you for your new stunning driveway: concrete, travertine, old Chicago pavers, brick, and cobblestone. If you don’t like these options, we can always give you stone or asphalt. This may seem like a ton of options, but it’s actually only some of what the top paver and hardscaping company in Las Vegas can do for you! Driveway pavers are an excellent way to give you home a beautiful entrance way!


Patio Paver Company in Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyone loves a good patio. Sure, the mosquitoes are the most annoying thing in the entire world, but think of all the amazing things you can do on it! Parties, naps, watching shows on your phone, sunbathing, tanning, the list goes on! Now, who wants to do all those things when your patio looks like… well, something not good? That’s why we, the best paver company in Las Vegas, Nevada, Want to give you a patio that you will love to use.


Best Paving Company in Las Vegas NV

Our procedure begins with a quote. Look out your window or stand in front of your driveway and decide what you want. Then, get a ruler and figure out all those inches and centimeters and stuff than send it to us; this is how we will figure out the cost. After you do this, our 5-star driveway paver installation team in Las Vegas will come to your house or company and make sure you didn’t screw up the measurements. We will also ask you why you used a ruler and not a professional measuring tool. That’s a side thing though, don’t worry. We’re only doing this to make sure we have everything we need to give you a boss driveway. After all this, go sit down or something. The best driveway paver installation in Las Vegas, Nevada has it from here.

Now, I know when I say costly you instantly clutch your heart and start having a panic attack. Don’t do that. Our top-rated hardscaping and paving company in Las Vegas, NV wants you to trust that we will give you something that is budget friendly and has you saying, “Geez, I should have had to pay more for this.”



Las Vegas Patio Pavers Installation

Like choosing the right person to babysit your child or watch the dog, you need to choose the best patio paver installation company in Las Vegas, NV.  We are experts, so when you tell us you want the material that is WAY out of your budget, we’ll show you one that’s in your budget and looks better than that other one.  When you tell us you want a material that you have no idea how to maintain, we’ll gently and kindly direct you to one that is more your speed. When you tell us you have no idea how to install a patio, we’ll tell you, “No worries, that’s what the 5-star paving installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada is for!” We offer some of the best patio pavers installation in Las Vegas. Call today to request a completely free quote for new patio pavers.

Patio pavers can really turn your backyard into a paradise! Did we mention we install outdoor kitchens too! Call us today and get a free quore for your new patio paver installation and out door kitchen quote! You, your neighbors (if you like them), friends and family will be able to enjoy your patio all year long!

Las Vegas Custom Outdoor Kitchen Paving

Oh, you don’t have an outdoor kitchen? It’s probably because you either don’t have the money or the ability to take care of it. That’s okay though, we’ll still hang out at your house… like, four times a year.” This may seem like a farfetched thing for your neighbors or friends to say or think but it’s possible!  If this is what’s holding you back from getting the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, don’t let it! Instead, let this 5 star paving company in Las Vegas help you out.

Don’t think basic anymore when it comes to your outdoor kitchen, okay? We, the top-rated paver installation company in Las Vegas, can customize your outdoor kitchen in any way you can possibly imagine!  Just to make sure you are getting the best of the best, we’ll give you all that boring, necessary stuff like terms of service, what you can expect from the best paving and hardscaping company in Las Vegas, Nevada, etc.


Expert Outdoor Kitchen Installation for Las Vegas Homeowners

Ever deal with that one person that’s standing right behind you, watching your every move? That’s what we do! Only in the best way though! We are so determined to make sure you have the perfect kitchen: what appliances you need, which cabinets, etc. The whole goal of us, the best pavers and hardscaping team in Las Vegas, is to give you an outdoor kitchen that suits your personal tastes! Not only will we give you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, but we’ll also make a paver walkway to help you access it, use only pavers meant for the outdoors, and make sure they are sealed with a special paver sealer that will keep your pavers sealed for years to come. Also, if you need it, we’ll be happy to tell you the best way to upkeep your pavers.

Pool Paver Installation in Las Vegas, NV

Tired of your old pool pavers? Well, then you need to contacts the 5-star paving and hardscaping company in Las Vegas! We can create your pavers with any of the high-quality stones we have! Even if your pool is already looking tight but your back patio is not, we can do that too. We are the best paving and hardscaping company in Las Vegas, NV after all.

We’re going to be right there with you as we install pavers around your pool, the design your back patio, pick your materials, tell you how to take care of it, everything!  We’ll even put a special paver sealer so you’ll have the most sealed pavers in Las Vegas, NV.


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Las Vegas Resurfacing, Repair, Refinish, & Sealing Services

We all know, stuff happens. There is absolutely no way to avoid things happening. This includes, things happening to your pool pavers, backyard pavers, patio pavers, etc. Don’t let this get you down though If you chose to work with the best hardscaping and paver team in Las Vegas, Nevada, We can not only repair your messed up pavers, but we can also teach you the best way to care for them.

We can resurface, repair, refinish, and seal your pavers because we value you, our customer. Being the best paver and hardscaping company in Las Vegas, NV means that we have experts that can do it right, and quickly. Just know though, Even if you take perfect care of your pavers, something can still happen. Life is life, right? Just contact the top paving and hardscaping company in Las Vegas, and we’ll fix you right up!


Las Vegas Paver Installation Contractors

Please let us know what is wrong with your pavers. Well, uh… you know... I don’t know the technical term but… well, they look up… bad. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go through this. Our company, the top pavers in Las Vegas, NV, will come right down to your house or business and figure out what’s up. We’ll talk about what you want to see and what the right thing to do is. After that, we got it!

We only want what’s best for you as our customer! If you are ready to have the best hardscape and paving service in all of Las Vegas, Nevada, give us a call! We’re excitedly waiting to help you!


Have you ever wondered how our team does it? Well sometimes we do too, but it really makes it easy to be able to visit everyone because of our prime location. We are only about are only about 16 minutes away from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. We are also only like 10 minutes away from the Palace Station Hotel & Casino! Our paving company in Las Vegas is focused on providing work to the entire area. You can check out the following information to be able to understand how we can bring our top rated paving services in Las Vegas to pretty much anyone. Below you will find some driving information from certain important spots in Las Vegas.

Driving directions from Vegas Indoor Skydiving: Head north on S Decatur Blvd. Turn right onto W Desert Inn Rd. Keep left to continue on W Desert Inn Rd/Wilbur Clark D.I. Rd. Continue to follow W Desert Inn Rd. Turn left onto Paradise Rd. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Convention Center Dr. Turn right. Destination will be on the right.

Driving directions from Paris Las Vegas: Head north on S Decatur Blvd. Turn right onto W Flamingo Rd. Turn right.

Driving directions from Palace Station Hotel & Casino: Head north on S Decatur Blvd. Turn right onto W Desert Inn Rd. Slight right. Continue onto S Rancho Dr. Continue onto Teddy Dr. Turn right at Merritt Ave. Turn right. Destination will be on the right.


A Note from the Owners:

We take pride in our Driveway Pavers Installation in Las Vegas. We offer all style of pavers including chicago brick pavers and many others. We can aslo offer concrete driveway installation as well as asphalt paving.

We have been called the top rated paving company in Las Vegas Nevada because we pay attewntion to details and customer service. Call now for a free quote for your new driveway pavers installation in Las Vegas!



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