How To Choose a Type of Pavers for a Driveway

It’s very easy to think that choosing pavers is just something that you can do without much thought, but that really isn’t the case! Some thought definitely needs to go into it. So, that is what the point of this article is. We don’t have everything you need to think about when choosing pavers, but we do have a couple and we hope that you can take a few of those things into account!


Yes, color is a very essential part to choosing your pavers. Especially if your home has an overall look going for it. If your home has a warm feeling, it might be a good idea to go with something like brick pavers because they have a warm tone to them. The point of pavers is not to bring all the attention away from the home and toward the pavers. The point is for the pavers to further accentuate the beauty of your home. So, if your home is a cooler color scheme, then you are going to want to go with something like concrete or travertine. Also when you decide on color, it is good to think about the price. If you want the look of brick but don’t have the money to afford brick, concrete can be colored to resemble brick and give you the same look.

Choosing color and having a color scheme that doesn’t make your home look like a fun house can be pretty tough and it would be pretty bad if you paid for the pavers only for them to completely clash with what you have going on. That is why it is important to look around your home and decide which color scheme works best for it! You might not think it, but there is actually a difference between the large and small pavers. I’ll just tell you from the jump that I favor smaller pavers, but that’s okay. It’s not about what I think, it’s not about what I want, it’s about what you like and what you want. So, let’s talk about the larger pavers. Large pavers are good if you want to use them for backyard spaces or for patios. When it has to do with driveways or walkways… maybe not so much. The thing is, large pavers can’t take as much pressure as the smaller ones so if you have them in high traffic areas or areas like your driveway, you are probably going to have to deal with some cracks earlier than you thought.

Large Or Small

Smaller pavers are great. Yes, I am a bit biased toward these, but how couldn’t I be? Let’s look at the pros for them. They have a lot more style options than the other ones. This is because of the fact that they are smaller, they can make different patterns and shapes! They also can handle more weight than the large pavers. Surprising, I know. Well, not only that, but they also make a space appear larger! Yes, I know. Now you can’t help but want smaller pavers. I mean, with them offering so many things, how couldn’t you want them? Well, the only problem is that the smaller the paver, the more of one you are going to need. The more you need… the more the money.


Yes, cost is a pretty big factor when it comes to pavers because there are a few different things that go into it and it really isn’t just a one price gets all sort of thing. You need to consider the price of labor, the amount of pavers that you are going to need, if you want to make any changes to the paver how much those changes cost, etc. Getting pavers, sadly, isn’t a one price sort of thing. Which is okay, because pavers are going to add a nice amount of value to your home. Especially if you get your pavers sealed as well. Then, you are going to have an amazing home.

So, do some thinking, ask yourself a couple of questions, figure out a budget, then get your pavers! I hope reading this article will help make the whole process a lot easier.

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