Why You Should Seal Your Pavers

Pavers have a big impact on the aesthetic of your outside space. Pavers are often used in driveways and they constantly have to endure the force from your car, along with anything your car leaks as well. If you don’t seal your pavers grass can grow in between the joints and dirt may accumulate. It can get pretty bad-looking pretty fast, and it’ll be hard to undo the damage once it’s done. You’re better off protecting your pavers with a sealant in the first place. 

Some manufacturers may say that it’s not necessary for you to seal your pavers, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. When a sealant has been applied you’ll know for sure that your pavers will be properly protected. If you want your pavers to look better for longer, you’ll give them a good seal. Below are more reasons why you should seal pavers in Las Vegas, NV.

Unsealed Pavers Need To Be Cleaned More Often

Unsealed pavers can cause you more work and inconvenience in the long run. Your pavers will need to be cleaned more often because they will hold on to dirt and grime much more easily. The stains and blotches from various sources will accumulate, some of them becoming nearly impossible to remove. You may need to hire professional services to get your pavers back into shape at this point.

Sealed Pavers Help Drainage

Unsealed pavers are porous and will eventually trap and collect water. Applying a sealant will help your pavers to harden, including the gaps in between the joints. The sealant hardens into a water-resistant coating that allows water to flow easily to the point of drainage without compromising your pavers. 

Sealing Protects Pavers From Object Damage 

Sometimes foreign objects can fall on your pavers and threaten to damage them. Things like leaves, oil and other liquids. A proper sealant will create an invisible layer on your pavers that will help you protect them from foreign object damage. This will keep your pavers from being worn out prematurely.

Vegetation Can Grow In The Joints Of Unsealed Pavers

If your pavers don’t have good drainage, standing water will encourage vegetation to grow in between the joints of your pavers. It’s very important to have good drainage for your pavers. A sealant helps to bond your pavers and the joints around them, preventing water build up and vegetation growth.

Water Damage Prevention

Your pavers have to endure the shifts of weather every day. This puts your pavers under a lot of stress, causing them to shift and crack. Water damage is another big paver issue in Las Vegas that a proper sealant will go a long away to prevent. You don’t want your pavers to erode and break down prematurely. You want them to last as long as possible and to stay as vibrant as possible.

Overall, washing and sealing your pavers is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a paver owner. You should do it!

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