Must Have Appliances For An Outdoor Kitchen

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So, you are getting an outdoor kitchen; that’s great! Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add value to your home as well as give your home the ability to be shown off! I mean, don’t you want to show off your home! Your outdoor kitchen would be a flop however if you didn’t have any appliances for it. I mean, would it even be an outdoor kitchen? That’s why we are here. We want to show you the amazing appliances that you could have for your outdoor kitchen! So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven. Yes, this is a must have if you are looking to be super cool and have the coolest house on the block! Maybe you don’t know how to make a pizza from scratch. Well this is the perfect time to try I suppose. Imagine this, your new neighbors are going on and on about their great outdoor kitchen and then you just casually ask, “But do you have an outdoor kitchen?’’ Imagine the look on their face and imagine how great you’ll feel… that is, until you remember that making pizza is not something that you actually know how to do… oops.


A sink is probably the most must have thing on this list of must haves. You really can’t get much more must have than a sink, am I right? If you don’t have one, tell me, where would you wash your hands before you started cooking? Where would you fill up your water filter? Where would you live?! Okay, I’m being a little over dramatic, but a sink is definitely a must have when it comes to outdoor kitchens.


A smoker is super important to an outdoor kitchen if you like smoking meat! I mean… obviously right? If you like smoking meat… you’re… well, you get it. This isn’t a must have for everyone, but it most definitely is for some. Considering you are getting an outdoor kitchen, it might be a good idea to get a smoker and try something new! If you don’t already have one and you never tried smoking meat before, now is your chance! I mean, if you don’t smoke meat, it’d be pretty cool to say, “Yeah, I have a smoker in my backyard.”

Power Burner

A power burner is a big burner that can do big things. What are those big things? Well, put a huge pot of water on that thing and you will have boiled water in a matter of minutes. Yes, you can make a big London broil right on this thing! If you are the type of person that throws big parties and is tired of having to boil a little bit at a time all day or if you are tired of boiling a small amount so everyone can only have a little, this is the must have for you. With this thing, you will most definitely have more than enough food


This is a must have because with a grill, you can cook almost anything. You can literally use your grill as an outdoor stove! This means that if you don’t get any of the previous things we mentioned, you can still use your grill outside to cook, smoke meat, and boil water. However… you can’t wash your hands on a grill, so you might still wasn’t to get the sink! A grill is also great for the aesthetics it provides. I mean really. A grill, depending on what type you get is a pretty great look for your home.

Warming Drawers

This is the essential for people who like to cook for the party and don’t want to have a bunch of Bunsen burners under the food. Instead, you have warming drawers. These will keep your food warm for you without having to deal with the not so aesthetically pleasing sight of aluminum, pans on Bunsen burners. I mean, if you got this expensive outdoor kitchen, let’s splurge a little bit on the warming drawers to keep the aesthetics going throughout, okay?

Outdoor Refrigerator

A definite must have is the outdoor refrigerator. This will allow you to keep what needs to be cold, cola, all party long. You won’t have to keep running into the house to grab the cold drinks. Better yet, you won’t have to have a bunch of people running into the house to get drinks or treats because it will all be outside for them!

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